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January 8, 2014
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Changes at Pearlfish Press in the past year have been largely for the worse. My work load on more productive endeavors outside of Pearlfish Press has caused me to embark on an indefinite hiatus from calendar publishing. I'm still offering fish note cards (New From Pearlfish Press) as well as backlisted calendars, but have no immediate plans to resume publishing calendars in the very near future. I offer both my thanks and regrets to all of those who have made inquiries relating to Pearlfish Press calendars.Salt Creek pupfish

I have, however, decided to keep the Pearlfish Press Web site active, primarily as a resource for literature and links, to post updates on the book project The Killifishes of North America, and to keep open a line of e-mail communication ([email protected]). The literature and links pages, in particular, should be updated sometime before March, 2003. Unfortunately, beyond that, I don't anticipate adding much new content anytime soon. Anyone wishing to submit information for posting on the Pearlfish Press Web site should query via e-mail. I welcome any relevant subject matter, as long as it's substantive material about fishes. I especially welcome material from or relating to any content-rich Web sites (I do plan on dedicated more of my time to, a new project of mine). Despite the absence of new publications for the past two years, the Pearlfish Press Web site, active since 1999, still generates a good deal of Web activity. So it'll remain up, its exact nature at any given time dependent on my ever-shifting work load. In short, I've decided that a bare-bones site is better than no site at all, while hoping to reemerge with a greater presence as circumstances allow.

As always, comments and queries regarding existing and prospective Pearlfish Press publications, as well as the Pearlfish Press Website, are welcome via both e-mail and postal mail.

Thanks for visiting...

John Brill, publisher
Pearlfish Press
e-mail [email protected]

  What's New outside of Pearlfish Press:
Gerald C. Corcoran Education Grant, 2004 Awarded

In spring of 2004, I was awarded a Gerald C. Corcoran Education Grant from the North American Native Fishes Association to help fund an educational exhibition of fish photographs entitled:

Freshwater Fishes of the Northeastern United States
With Special reference to Species of the Passaic River Drainage and Great Swamp Wetlands
[New Jersey]

This exhibition will run from Tuesday February 15 through Sunday March 20, 2005, at the Somerset County Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It will consist of twenty-four large-format color photographic prints, ranging in size from approximately 16" x 20" to 30" x 40", accompanied by descriptive wall texts. The images and related texts will depict and discuss a taxonomically diverse group of fishes inhabiting the fresh and brackish waters of the northeastern United States.

The educational objectives of this exhibition include fostering an awareness and appreciation of North American fishes in general, as well as an understanding of the need to extend conservation measures even to the inconspicuous fishes that are all around us, yet of which most of us remain unaware.

The Environmental Education Center is a multi-level complex comprising an auditorium, meeting rooms, classrooms, a book shop, a lending library, and separate exhibition areas devoted to permanent and temporary displays. Naturalists are on staff at the center to coordinate educational programs for the public, and to field questions and inquiries pertaining to the area's wildlife and general environmental issues. More than eight miles of trails within the Great Swamp wetlands are accessible from the Environmental Education Center. Further information and directions can be obtained from the Somerset County Park Commission Web site (, and telephone inquiries can be directed to 908- 766-2489. The Somerset County Environmental Education Center is located at 190 Lord Stirling Road, Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920.
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